Torre Bellesguard
BELLESGUARD VILLA. Bellesguard, 20).
This mansion, which Gaudí designed for Maria Sagués in 1900, was finished in 1902. These two years are considered to mark the dividing line between the architect’s early and mature work. Gaudí was able to integrate the building perfectly into its natural setting and landscape, whilst respecting its historical content. The medieval ruins of the summer residence of King Martin 1st, the last monarch of the Barcelona dynasty (15th century), were used as a starting point for designing the new building whilst dignifying the historical remains. Gaudí built it to resemble a Gothic-style medieval castle in: the façade is clad in a slate-type stone of grey and green hues, decorated with square boss-type elements and dotted with a large number of windows and with trefoil arches. More than a century after its construction, the building is still a private residence.

Nearby one can see the arches that Gaudí himself designed between 1903 and 1905 in order to consolidate the street leading to Sant Gervasi cemetery and passing next to the Torre Bellesguard. The ten arches are little known, although they are contemporary, and very similar, to the famous arches the architect designed for the Park Güell.